About QRS

Queensland Rheumatology Services aims to care for musculoskeletal, inflammatory, auto-immune, and related conditions.

About Dr Navid Adib

Dr Navid Adib is Queensland’s first paediatric rheumatologist who has been diagnosing and treating children and young adults with chronic conditions since 2006. Graduated from the University of Queensland’s medical school in 1992, he carried out his general paediatric training at the Royal Children’s Hospital Brisbane until 2000, when he was given a training position at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. After one year fellowship at arthritis research campaign unit in Manchester, he completed his PhD in the outcomes of juvenile idiopathic arthritis, at the school of epidemiology, University of Manchester. He returned to Brisbane in 2006 for setting up paediatric rheumatology care in Queensland and has worked tirelessly since then to provide state wide services. He attends clinics in Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, and visits Townsville, Cairns, Mackay, Hervey Bay and Bundaberg frequently.

Queensland Rheumatology Services is excited to announce Dr Steve Truong is joining the team, working alongside  Dr  Adib.

Dr Steve Truong (BSc MBBS MPhil FRACP) is a rheumatologist, a specialist who diagnoses and treats muscle, joint and bone conditions, including arthritis, lupus and related immune system conditions.


He aims to provide personalised management plans, involving lifestyle and non-medical interventions whenever possible.


After studying Science and Medicine the University of Queensland he worked and trained in Australia and New Zealand, and has completed an MPhil in Ankylosing Spondylitis, a type of inflammatory back arthritis. He continues to publish on related topics and is actively involved in clinical research and teaching, holding a senior lecturer position at Griffith University.


Interests include spondylarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, inflammatory back pain and point-of-care ultrasound.



Dr Truong will be accepting referrals of patients aged 16 years and older.


For Health Professionals

We work with general practitioners, paediatricians, orthopaedic and ophthalmic surgeons, and allied health professionals on a daily basis to help diagnosing and treating children and young adults with rheumatological conditions.

Young Adult Transition Clinic

Clinic for the young adults and teens.

The change from childhood to being a young adult is never easy. There are so many things to be done; career choice, driver’s licence, taking responsibility for being at places and meeting people….

The situation becomes much more complex when the person has to deal with a chronic illness as well. There is a growing body of research and evidence that the change to adult services should not occur suddenly, but rather through a timely and deliberate “transition of care”.

Whilst there is difference from individual to individual, the usual expected transition time is a few years. During this time, there is a slow shift from interacting directly with the carer to the young person, with gradually increasing responsibilities for self-management, and self-advocacy.

Our team of health professionals will see that through appropriate screening and assessment of the young person, areas which need strengthening will be identified and dealt with, rather than waiting for the catastrophe to happen and attempting to fix it.

Multi-Disciplinary Team Clinics

Clinic for patients under 15.

Our team of health professionals do regular assessments to ensure the young person and their families are adjusting appropriately with how their condition is progressing.

It is important to pre-empt and foresee things, rather than waiting to fix them when they have passed a critical point.

This could involve physical or psychological support and this concept of care is supported by a huge body of research and evidence in this area of health.