Our Multi-Disciplinary Team

Our physiotherapy, podiatry, psychology, dietitian, and occupational therapy sessions at Arthur House have been extremely successful and appreciated by our patients.

Queensland Rheumatology Services has been providing multi-disciplinary care for its patients since July 2017. Due to Medicare requirements for our multidisciplinary clinics at Arthur house we require a ‘Team Care Arrangements’ (TCA) and GP management Plan (EPC) from your GP specifying the following referral details. Obtaining this EPC will allow 5 Medicare rebated therapy sessions per calendar year.

For patients referred to Michelle Chiang, our psychologist, please discuss with your GP the options of adding a Psychology session to your EPC, versus having a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP). At our clinic we are also able to have Dr Adib write up a MHCP if you choose (patient must be under 18 years of age), please inform our reception team if this is the case.

Profession Clinic Name Address
Physiotherapist Allsports Physiotherapy 47 Arthur Terrace

Red Hill QLD 4059


Podiatrist My FootDr
Occupational Therapy OCC Therapy
Dietitian Eat Smart Nutrition
Psychology Adele O'Hare - Being Human Psychology

Haylee King

Schedule of Fees

Dr Navid Adib (Paediatric Rheumatologist)


F2F Item Number

Telehealth Item Number

Private Fee

Medicare Rebate

Initial Consultation





Follow up Consultation

Short Consultation (phone consultation - results)






Bulk Billed




For patients who have not returned to see Dr Adib within the recommended time frame from their last appointment, you will be charged the initial fee of $550.


Cancellation Policy Dr Navid Adib

Please understand that appointment times are limited. If you must cancel your appointment, we respectfully request 48hours notice. Missed appointments, or appointments cancelled without 48hours notice, will incur a fee of $275.00.