Treatment of Bone & Muscle Conditions in Children and Adults

Gottron's papules in juvenile dermatomyositis

Vasculitis rash on fingers

Connective tissue diseases

These conditions are usually the result of a mistake in the immune system of our bodies taking our own tissue and cells for an “invading enemy” and wanting to attack it and get rid of it. The result is an ongoing war which will not go away (chronic inflammation) and the damage the body experiences from this mistake. Depending which organ system is involved, signs and symptoms may vary. For example butterfly rash on the face (skin) in SLE, or the red rash or calcium under the skin or muscle weakness in Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM), or colour changes in the fingers in response to cold (Raynaud’s phenomenon). Sometimes the skin is affected on its own with a scarring process which may look red, pale/brown, thickened, or scarred, with or without any other symptoms (limited scleroderma).

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