The Queensland Rheumatology Services Staff

Jennifer Adib

Jenny comes from a nursing background which provides her with a perfect combination of health knowledge and gentle touch, a truly valuable member of the team in the forefront. She tirelessly pursues the patient enquiries until the desirable outcome has been achieved.

The Admin Team

The reception team are a dynamic group who are there to support our patients and their families every day.
From left: Yu-Ling, Anne, Mia, and Zoe. Sitting: Jenny

Nicole Haynes - Physiotherapy

Nicole has enjoyed working with children for many years. Before becoming a physiotherapist, Nicole completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Movement Science and spent a number of years working as a personal trainer which included developing school gym programs and implementing strength programs for children with disabilities.

Nicole has also worked as a swimming instructor/coach and spent 4 years abroad working as a nanny. Upon completion of her physiotherapy degree Nicole followed her passion to become the managing partner of Q Paediatrics; with the aim to provide physiotherapy services exclusively to children.

Nicole provides physiotherapy services for children of all ages. She has developed and coordinates Hard Core Kids ® which is a unique class program specifically designed to optimise the physical development of children. Nicole understands the impact a child’s physical profile may have on all areas of a child’s development and life satisfaction. She gets immense satisfaction from helping children achieve their potential.

Daniel van Hoof-Harkin - Podiatrist

Daniel’s interest in podiatry started after being a patient of My Foot Dr when he was just a teenager. Despite leaving school and initially studying science and business, he re-entered university as a mature-aged student and graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with honours.

Before recommencing study, Daniel worked as a retail manager and then spent nearly a decade working as a disability support worker with people with autism. After he was accepted into QUT, he came back to My Foot Dr and started working in the orthotic laboratory where he gained invaluable hands-on experience in the manufacture of thousands of pairs of orthoses.

Since graduating, he has maintained a passion for learning and has actively sought to increase his knowledge by attending courses and conferences to better meet the needs of his patients. Outside of podiatry, Daniel has spent over 15 years as a rowing coach, working with both children and adults, from beginners to elite athletes.

He also enjoys cycling to stay (relatively) fit, and has a passion for being creative with his hands, be it building a model, to wood-working to keep himself occupied when not working, Daniel enjoys treating biomechanical and paediatric patients.

Lara Campbell - Psychologist

Lara is an endorsed Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. She is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society and a board-approved supervisor for trainee and early career Psychologists. Lara completed her doctoral and first class honours degrees at The University of Queensland.

Lara has experience providing diagnostic and therapeutic services in hospital and community settings. She enjoys working with people of all ages and with a variety of psychological concerns - particularly mood and anxiety problems. Her approach integrates a number of cognitive behaviour therapies and she has a special interest in supporting people with chronic health conditions to live full and meaningful lives.


Bryony van Hoffen - Occupational Therapist

Bryony was born in Zimbabwe, relocated to the UK and finally settled in Brisbane (where it's warmer). Bryony is passionate about working with children and engaging them in meaningful occupations. She has worked with children in a private practice setting for many years. Bryony has a Bachelor degree in Health Science and a Bachelor degree in Occupational Therapy (Honours) from Griffith University. She recently (2019) received the Elaine B Wilson Memorial Award from Occupational Therapy Australia in recognition for her hard work with children and their families.

Bryony has experience working in a range of paediatric environments. She works for On Call Children's Therapy delivering occupational therapy services to children of different ages, with various diagnoses and conditions such as; Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Chronic pain conditions and children with a trauma background. She is eager to expand her knowledge base by regularly attends professional development courses and conferences.

Bryony uses a client centered, strengths based approach, ensuring that sessions are meaningful and purposeful. She strives to provide the highest possible standard of care to all clients.


Danielle - Dietitian

Hi! I’m Danielle, an accredited practicing dietitian and paediatric dietitian. Before working as a dietitian, I was a primary school teacher. As a teacher, I naturally gravitate to providing people with the information they need in order to make better food and lifestyle choices. I love seeing my patients learn and grow into people full of nutrition knowledge and able to make amazing nutrition choices for themselves, it truly is empowering!

I work with lots of families (kids and adolescents), tackling their fussy eating kids and working with other nutrition concerns, such as juvenile arthritis, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, failure to thrive, allergies and intolerances, weight management, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and much more! My approach is one that works with your usual life, just altering to make a positive impact of the nutrition of your little one. The best feeling in the world is helping a little one feel better with food and then seeing the whole family adopt a healthier approach to food!

I am passionate about making sure you still eat what you want to eat, but finding a way to do this and still make sure you are managing your health to the best of your ability. Personally, I am a terrible cook (although I can bake!) so if you need quick and easy meal ideas that don’t take hours in the kitchen then I am your girl!


Ashlea – Physiotherapist

Ashlea has always enjoyed working with children for many years becoming a physiotherapist. She has completed her certificates in child services and learn to swim. She has spent several years working in childcare and as a learn to swim teacher within the facility. She has also enjoyed volunteering her time to help raise money for different children organisations.

Ashlea completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science and then went on to complete a Masters in Physiotherapy. Since then she has been working as physiotherapist in paediatrics at QPaediatrics. Ashlea has gained a range of experience working with children and is passionate about helping them, through exercise and play based therapies. She is passionate about helping children and their families to reach their goals.


Sean O’Neill – Physiotherapist

With a background in musculoskeletal injuries and management, Sean has enjoyed a change working with paediatric patients. He has a particular interest in helping these patients work towards their physical activity goals.

Arthur- Therapy Dog

Arthur joined the team in April 2018, having enrolled in puppy school, aiming to play with everyone in the practice, to bring more love and happiness to the place.