Treatment of Bone & Muscle Conditions in Children and Adults

Zoe's Angels

Zoe’s Angel’s Inc is a non- profit Charity organisation, established to raise awareness and funds to help benefit the lives of children diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and Lupus. Zoe’s Angels is an organisation that is 100 % volunteer based.

Zoe's Angels has a Facebook page to build a community for JIA/Lupus young people and their families which is most important at the time of diagnosis and beyond.

Zoe's Angels allocate a number of Education Bursaries, which enables children to keep up with their peers through the use of computers or adaptable chairs and desks. JIA/ Lupus children often miss school due to their illness and hospital visits. By offering bursaries we are able to make the schooling a little more comfortable.

Zoe’s Angels created and fully funds a JIA/Lupus Camp for children aged 10 to 17 (Camp Courageous). This enables children to build friendships with their peers. They are able to share their experiences and their fears and successes with children in a similar position to themselves.

As there are also younger children diagnosed with JIA and Lupus, Zoe’s Angels created and fully funds a Family weekend (Little Warriors Weekend). This weekend is geared for families to build a support and reference network which will help them navigate the effects of the disease of their child.
Zoe's Angels commences it's five year project to sponsor a suitable Paediatric trainee to acquire Paediatric Rheumatology knowledge and skills. As there are only two Paediatric Rheumatologist to cover all of Queensland the training program will ensure better access to specialist care in rural and regional Queensland.

Zoe's Angels supports community based Rheumatology care for children and adolescents and their families by providing funding assistance for Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Podiatry, and psychology, through 'Arthur House' a Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal centre for young people.

Zoe's Angels is organising the inaugural National JIA/Lupus Conference in July 2018. The aim of the Conference is to raise the profile of JIA/Lupus amongst the medical and allied health fraternity. The conference also is designed for JIA/Lupus children and their families to enable them to understand their disease and their pathways to treatment and support. By the end of the Conference there should be clearer understand of JIA/Lupus and pathways from diagnoses through treatment programs.

Zoe’s Angels run many events throughout the year to raise funds and awareness.
Events such as: Fun Run, Experience in Blue, High Tea, Fun Dive Day, Bunnings BBQ, Christmas Party, and Gala Dinner.

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